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Julien Himself talks about self sabotage

Do Not Negotiate with Women

Uno Dos With your woman you are always making deals. You don’t take me out to dinner anymore like you used to. You don’t take me to the…

13 Signs She is Flirting with You

Flirting Marni your personal Wing Girl You see a girl, you approach it and start a conversation. But as you are talking you are thinking: Is this girl…

4 Types of Guys Personality

The 4 Types Of Guys That Create Sexual Attraction Automatically… The four personality types that turn women on. Which one are you naturally supposed to be= You can…

Picking Up Women in India (Savage TV)

Uno Dos Picking up girls on the street in India. Tres Dasaasd

Nice Guys on Tinder

Tinder Nice guys on Tinder

Mind Secrets to Dominate the World, WOmen

Life Coach Advice for Men Jason Capital on another very valuable clip for men. Which guy are you going to be? The Universe will forever test you until…

5 Nice Guys Posts on Social Media

Nice Guys You’ve seen it over an over on social media. If you are a “nice guy” with not much game at picking up women… you most likely…

7 Cringy Post-Break Up Rants on Facebook

Nice guys manifesto

Ode to the Nice Guy

Nice Guys Manifesto This is for the guys that go overlooked This is in honor of the guys with open minds, with laid-back attitudes, with honest concern. This…