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Make her chase you

How to Make Her Chase You

Make women chase you. One simple technique to have a woman chasing after you. I feel like I am always chasing and trying to impress girls. What am…

Spotting narcissist women

How to Spot a Narcissist Woman (5 Signs)

There are people in this world looking to take advantage of others. Whether they are classified as narcissistic, sociopathic, compulsive or pathological liars. They operate differently from most…

Stop being needy

8 Tips to Stop Being Needy with Women

Apollonia Ponti – Dating & relationship advice for men. When you come off needy in a relationship, obviously you know it is not good. This is an area…

Coach Corey Wayne

The Cure for Women Jerking You Around

The Cure for Women Jerking You Around Stand for yourself, dude, By Coach Corey Wayne. Most guys think that when they don’t get something By doing this properly,…

RSD Jeffy

How to Vibe with Women (RSD Secrets)

Jeffrey from Real Social Dynamics (RSD Jeffy) with another great video explaining the importance of “vibing” with a girl. This information has been curated from knowledge of years…

Escape the Matrix

Wake up and escape the Matrix

Some day you are going to have to die. You have the power to wake up from the trance and live life on your terms. Are you familiar…

Stop being needy

How to be attractive to the opposite sex

How to be attractive to the opposite sex. Leo from tells you How to be attractive. How to be attractive? Quick Self-Help segment. This is not a…

How to escalate with a girl

What is escalation? Going thru a window. Imagine a window and there is a girl in the otehr side. Within the interaction as it starts off there are…

The truth is, most of the time,m women want the opposite of what they say they want

Women won’t ever bee as cool as guys

The legendary Patrice O’Neal explains “coolness” and the difference between men and women. In the scene