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How to be attractive to the opposite sex

How to be attractive to the opposite sex.

How to escalate with a girl

What is escalation? Going thru a window. Imagine a window and there is a girl in the otehr side. Within the interaction as it starts off there are…

The truth is, most of the time,m women want the opposite of what they say they want

Women won’t ever bee as cool as guys

The legendary Patrice O’Neal explains “coolness” and the difference between men and women. In the scene


Become more attractive to women (5 Tips to increase attraction)

Tips to increase attraction with women The red effect – It is easy, simple and has appeared in numerous scientific experiments. Basically, people who wear red are perceived…

Women – Why guys don’t approach you

Uno Dos Even though us guys might grow up with the idea that we must do something and if we don’t get taught that buy our parents, we…

Julien Himself talks about self sabotage

Do Not Negotiate with Women

Uno Dos With your woman you are always making deals. You don’t take me out to dinner anymore like you used to. You don’t take me to the…

4 Types of Guys Personality

The 4 Types Of Guys That Create Sexual Attraction Automatically… The four personality types that turn women on. Which one are you naturally supposed to be= You can…