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Pickup lines

13 days of Halloween series by Drew Disaster

It is October, and around this year people have a lot of things to think about, like…

What would my costume be this year? Which store has the best deals on candy?

and of course… How do I get myself a spooly bae?

I myself am an expert at the art of seduction, so today I’m here to teach you some spooky pickup lines for this Halloween. Beware… plenty of Halloween puns ahead.

You should’ve been a ghost this Halloween… I’d love to get you between the sheets.

Oh no, I think I might’ve caught a zombie virus.. cause I feel like I can just eat you up.

I can’t find a costume this Halloween… can I go as your girlfriend?

Baby, you are dead sexy…

You be my BOO this halloween.

My friend here wanted to get your number but uh… he doesn’t have the guts, so I guess I’lll do it

Do you wanna take a ride on my brum stick?

That costume looks very complicated… do you need help taking it off?

Art of seduction

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