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Tips to increase attraction with women

The red effect – It is easy, simple and has appeared in numerous scientific experiments.

Basically, people who wear red are perceived as more attractive, wether they are men or women.

Pre-selection – Women see a man more attractive when they see him with attractive women, not exactly the other way around. If you are a guy, don’t try to cover up your photos with beautiful women.

Beard Stubble – Usually 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch. Keep it maintained, neat and distinct. No neck beard.

White Teeth – White teeth are just always attractive. It is almost like pea-cocking, a good indicator of health. There are different type or products and procedures for teeth whitening.

Waist to shoulder ratio – Work out, lifting weights or, do this trick: wear a V Neck. The V-Neck seems to give an illusion on the way your body looks

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