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Rewire your mindset, listen to these affirmations daily. On your phone or on the computer as you work.
You will begin attracting more women in your life, if you set your mind and your intention, but you will need the confidence.

These affirmations will get into your mind “subliminally” (they will enter your subconscious).

Isochronic tones


Attracting more women

Power affirmations are a powerful change technology, using the tried and tested process of affirmations, that use repetition to install new beliefs in your subconscious mind. To make the process more effective power affirmations add brainwave entrainment . The isochronic tones added to the recording slow your brainwaves down to the level of theta brainwaves. This creates a very receptive and relaxed state, in which mental and emotional barriers that normally make the mind resistant to change as more easily bypassed, making it much more likely that the affirmation will be effective.

These below are some of the affirmations that are being repeated on this audio:

You naturally create a sexual tension with every woman you are attracted to.
You are a fun guy to be around.
You are the prize and women compete to win that prize
You flip women’s attraction switches because you are a real man who has his life together.
You find it so easy and natural for you to trigger a women’s passion.
Women just love your sense of humor.
You make women laugh with your sense of humor.
Your personality is very attracted to women.
Women are attracting to you because you have pride on yourself.
You attract women easily and naturally.
You are the prize that women seek
You are full of energy and enthusiasm.
Women are attracted to your energy, women find you irresistible
Women are drawn by your positive outlook on life
You can attract and connect with any women you want
You find it so easy to attract beautiful women into your life.