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Become a better you

Tyler from Real Social Dynamics (RSD) walks the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina talking about the darkside of human nature.

How do we acknowledge it?

How do we come to terms with it so we can understand it?

How can we forgive ourselves and live day by day with this.

Tyler from Real Social Dynamics

When you elevate your social status you will bring many people around you who love what they see about you. You will make genuine friends, genuine connections, romantic partners who you will connect in a a deep and powerful level.

But you will also experience bringing around the wrong people.

This can be very painful.

Romantic Relationship “Medicated Pain”

“Scarcity” of options cloud the mind.

How pathetic does that sound?

Have you read “The selfish gene” by Richard Hawkins?

Energy is always trying to take from other energy, or itself.

Do you know about the Reticluar Activation System?