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How should men pursue women?

Corey Wayne – How men should pursue women

Coach Corey Wayne analyzes three different real-life cases about men & women relationships:

  • Guy admits making the mistake of over pursuing, and shares his story.
  • A guy ho was too much of a cold fish and didn’t pursue enough.
  • Success story from a guy who details all the little details he changed in his mindset, body language. etc

So what is the “sweet spot”?

When to pursue? When is it too soon, or too late?

Women naturally and instinctively will seek to gain the attention and interest of men they are attracted to.

Alpha males who know what to look for, immediately spot female attraction and interest and then create opportunities to nurture, encourage, and grow that romantic interest.

For women, romance, courtship and intimacy is a slow process that takes time, and cannot be rushed. Men who don’t know any better try too hard and move things along too fast for the average women’s comfortable level, which leads to rejection.

It’s always better if a man’s pursuit of women is measured and slightly slower than they expect. This facilitates women’s natural tendency to chase and pursue relationships so it’s their idea.

Being chased by women prevents rejection because then the relationship is their idea.

Too eager

  1. Guy goes out with a Doctor he met on Bumble. The date went perfect, she started touching him, he reciprocated. They kissed towards the end and he dropped her off. But he made a “little” mistake the day after.

Too slow

2. He never left the “gaming” phase

A man who gets it

3. A natural alpha male shares his little experiment. When you really connect on a soul level with a woman, when you really connect, they will always stay in touch with you for the rest of their lives.

Once you understand the truth about relationships, it opens a new world for you, it’s like a curtain revealing behind the scenes.