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Coach Corey Wayne on his video coaching newsletter.

Coach Corey Wayne reads a couple of emails relating to texting women.

First of all, it is important to read the book The 3% Man over 10 times to grasps the basic concepts of the truth between men and women relationships.

People buy based on emotion, then use logic and reason to justify their purchase.

Remember, FEAR is a very powerful motivator.

Every single advertisement you watch is design to evoke an emotional response.

Most people listen with the intent to reply, not to understand.

What are the rules on texting your girlfriend?

Weed the crazy women out.

If you are dating an insecure women, no amount of texting or i love you is going to satisfy a woman like that. She sees you talking to a girl that she hasn’t met, and it turns out to be one of your sisters or your cousins that you haven’t introduced to her yet.. Who is that girl you are talking to?

She presupposes that you wll cheat on her, or that you are being unfaithful.

If you are not used to having choices and lots of options, you will end up putting up with stuff like that.

Rejection breeds obsession.

Once you implement the “texting rule”, you will realize there are two types of women:

Women who have a healthy self-esteem, who are busy professionals and who are very comfortable in their own skin and have a good attitude, and are flexible… you will not have any problem with.

Women that are insecure, a little controlling, a little structured.. they are going to tend to be nasty. They are not going to appreciate it. What this is also is going to reveal.. it gets worst after time.