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Understanding women is something most men would like to grasp.

Book summary about The 3% Man, a very powerful book by Coach Corey Wayne. Review by Personal Power

This book will change your perspective and uncover the real truths about relationships between men and women. How to be a true Alpha.

Lesson 1Never listen to advice from a woman or to the dating advice of your friends.

They might have the best interest in mind but most of the time they still have literally, no clue. The advice might sound right.

The advice might sound right but it is wrong. A woman will just try to make you feel better, if you are feeling down and ask her for advice. Stop believing the classic romantic movies Reality is not like a movie. A guy chasing the woman and doing everything for her. If you are that guy, most likely you will end up in the friend-zone all the time.

Why should you listen to your friends for advice? Quite often they don’t have a proper relationship either. They might say they know stuff but themselves fail to attract a woman. Being it for long-time relationship or even a one night stand. If you still feel the need to ask a friend or someone close, at least ask someone who has what you want. Only listen to those who are living what you are looking for. The best intentions pave the way to hell.

Lesson 2 – Masculine and Feminine energy.

Normally woman are feminine, and men are masculine. But there are variations, some men are more masculine than others. Normally a feminine woman is attracted to a masculine man and vice-versa. If however, a woman is more masculine she in turn will be more attracted to a more feminine guy.

What is feminine energy?

Women are emotional beings, they like dining, they gain a lot of pleasure throughout the dating experience.

They want to feel a man’s presence.

They admire strong-willed confident guys who know what they want.

They do not want to think about where you are going for dinner.

They do not want to plan or call to make a reservation.

They do not even want to decide., they just want to enjoy a good time.

Feminine energy is all about emotions, fun, happiness and having a good time.

What is masculine energy?

Masculine energy is about drive, leading and purpose. A man should have purpose, a number 1 priority that he pursues relentlessly. A man is not as emotional as a woman, they tend to think logically. Most men are not into it for the dating experience, they could speak that and go straight for the indoor olympics. We have no problem setting dates, calling for a reservation and taking charge.

Lesson 3 – Understanding women

If you are a man you have to understand that women act emotionally. They don’t care if you’ve been a great guy for the last 4 weeks. If they feel bad right know, they will let you know. Most of the time they talk about their current emotions, nothing more and nothing less. If she is pissed off it means you have done something wrong, right now or today, and it is your job to fix it. We have to do good every day, and if you mess up it is your job to fix it.

If you want to win a woman over, you need to have two essential things:

Confidence & Humor.

Confidence you have to build it up, but humor you can learn it quite easily.

Women love to laugh and if you can make a woman laugh all the time, you are in a good spot. She will associate laughter and happiness with you. Obviously you should know when humor is appropriate and when it is not. If you are on a date with a women the best is to use the 90/10 rule. 90% of the time you have to be a confident grounded cool guy, just like Jame Bond. Last 10 % of the time you are going to treat her like a little sister. Have fun, make jokes, tease her and have a good time. –

Giving her compliments & Gifts.

You don’t need compliments and gifts early on. If you throw compliments and gifts at her in the beginning they will come of f as desperate and needy and she will take them for granted. You don’t want to be taken for granted. You don’t need to send flowers in the beginning. You don’t need chocolate and all the other stuff. If you buy stuff for her it comes off as a bribe, nothings more.

Women fall in love slower than man.

Quite often the man gets attached very quickly. After just a couple of days he drops the “L word”. Whereas women are not attached just yet, they fall in love much slower. They need to buy into their emotions, give them time an’d don’t push them. If you push things too early you will once again come off as desperate and needy, which will drive her away. Just hang out, have fun and hook up.

The best thing to do is sit back, relax and wait. Let her bring up the “L word”. Let her bring up being a committed relationship, let her bring up moving together. If you pass long enough, let her bring up marriage. She will let you know when the time is right. If the woman like you, she will make things easy for you.

Men tend to become needy and desperate.

Texting her all the time or calling her all the time is especially in the beginning a definitely “No No” If you met some cats then you know how they behave, they decide when it come up to you and they decide when they leave. Never chase a cat or a woman. Let them come and go as the please. If you over-pursue they will drop you quicker than you realize.

Reading the 3% book multiple times is recommended by Coach Corey Wayne to really grasps all the concepts of this amazing book.