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Weve all made ths mistakes from one time to another.

If you are not doing these “needy mistakes” all the times you will end up redeeming yourself right away and she won’t really care.

Ask a group of women what are the qualities they most look on a man, confidence will be at the top.

Women hate needy men

it totally repulses them, they are disgusted by them.

If you are not aware that you are doing these mistakes, over time women will take notice. Women are far more intuitive than most guys are. These all happens on a subconscious level for her.

Let things unfold. Women love the mistory, they want to be part of a love story. They want to wonder about you, they want to figure you out, they want to discuss you with their girlfriends.

By just relaxing and letting thins fold, you are communicatiing a woman that you are confident. That you get it. By taking it slow, little by litlte, you are keping thins fun and exciting.

Needy Mistakes

Here are the 10 most common mistakes we all, men, do at some point.

1. Too much texting. There is nothing wrong with texting a girl here and there, but most guys are texting too much. Initiating too much. Too wordy, using too many emojis. The reason why a woman starts backing off or taking a little longer to respond, this is the reason why. You are overdoing it. She should be initiating way more than you. She should be initiating at least 70-80% at the time.If you keep it 50-50 or yo u are initiating more than her, it”s going to cause her to get a little familiar with you, a little bored. You are killing that mystery and she is going to naturally just back off. Another common mistake with this texting issue is double texting. You send her a text and she is not responding, so you follow up with another one.

2. Confronting her on lack of response. Confronting her about why she wasn’t responded quick enough, or why she hasn’t responded at all. Do not worry about it so much. By thinking about it too much you are overthinking, you are thinking too much of her.

3. Being too available. You are always there at a backing call. Anytime she wants to text or chat or call you are there. She wants to do something, you are there. She needs help with this, you are there. She needs a ride, you are there. Being too available is killing the mystery. Women expect this side of you, of course she wants to get your attention, but you need to make time for her.

4. Leaning in to talk to her. This is very subtle, you probably might not realize you are doing it. What this means, is when you are on a date and you are sitting across from each other and you are leaning in, hanging on every word she says.. It is very sweet, but it will eventually turn her off because it’s just a needy vibe. If you just kickback, relax a little bit, take of some space, it is going to have an effect on her.

5. Showering her with compliments & gifts. Showering her with compliments and gifts, and flowers. All the stuff from the movies, most guys do it.. but it’s actually the opposite that you should be doing. What it is communicating to her is that you don’t think you are good enough for her. That she is not going to like you for you, so you have to compensate with giving this material gifts. There is nothing wrong with giving your girl flowers and give some compliments,. Guys do this usually right in the beginning, and it is needy because you want her so desperately to like you. You really just have to focus on having fun.

6. Professing your feelings too soon. Professing your feelings before you have built attraction with her. A lot of guys are doing the right things, but they do it out of sequence. There is nothing wrong with sharing your feelings with her, all women love when men share their feelings with her. But the problem is doing it before there is sexual attraction, it come off as being very desperate and needy. A lot of guys that are too afraid too flirts with them, sexualize the conversation a little bit and being a little bold and dangerous. This is what guys do, they profess their feelings for them, and it is too soon. When she has that sexual attraction already for you and you are telling her how much you love her she is just going to melt in your arms and be crazy about it, but if there is no sexual attraction there it’s just kinda creepy, you are trying to hard and she is just going to go : eww

7. Showing up unannounced. When you show up to her house or work announced. Or anywhere, if she is at a bar with friends and you show up to spend more time with her, this is going to backfire. This is acting like a stalker and it’s going to scare her off. She will never feel safe or comfortable with you. A lot of guys do it thinking you are being romantic and sweet, but no.

8. Being overly affectionate. When you are always touching her, trying to kiss her and hold her hand and she is not really feeling it. A lot of guys do it in a way to actually force affection from her onto them. You really h just have to look for the signs here. If she is touching and kissing you, that means you have the green light. If she is kinda pulling away, turns her face when you go to kiss her and you get her cheek, that is a red light , it means stop.

9. Agreeing with everything she says. This is really nice guys behavior, trying to force a connection. A lot of guys think that by agreeing with her on everything she has to say she is going to say.. OMG, we got so much in common, I really dig this guy. Women are intuitive, they can read you like a book. They know when you are not being authentic with them. You just want to be bold, be confident. Say what’s on your mind.She might not like what you have to say but she is going to respect you for it. Women will never love if they don’t have respect for you.

Relationship labels or ·the talk”. This is a woman’s department. You always wanna be going at her pace. You want to lead, but you want to be doing it at her pace. She will bring it up when she is feeling it.