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There are people in this world looking to take advantage of others.

Whether they are classified as narcissistic, sociopathic, compulsive or pathological liars. They operate differently from most people that you will encounter, which makes them even most dangerous because they don’t stand out in that way. How to detect some of those types?

Narcisistic Personality Disorder.

A large motivator for these types of personalities is

1. having the world view them in a way that strokes their ego. They are hyper driven to maintain the persona that they have constructed. Keep an eye out for people on an intense focus for their image.

2. They will lie about ridiculous things. Maybe they tell fantastic stories about their own life that didn’t happen. Like the Fyre Festival co-founder who insisted that he had purchased an island owned by Pablo Escobar, when in fact they were kicked off of that island by the real owner for even mentioning Pablo Escobar name in the promotional materials.

They can tell bold-face lies without skipping a beat.

Do not assume that a calm demeanor means that someone is telling you the truth especially if they are this narcissistic type.

Narcissist women always lie
Narcissistic pathological liar, Elizabeth Holmes

If this person is deeper in that spectrum k, into psychopathy, studies that involved F MRI scans show that they might not even spend any extra time processing a line because their brains don’t need to seem to suppress the truth to even focus attention or control, body language, all of that occurs natural to them. It is like they are inventing a world in their head with no effort.

3. They have a very different relationship with lying. Most of us have limits in the ways and how often we are willing to lie. We prefer to “bend the truth” and even then we feel uncomfortable, inside and on the outside.

Pathological liars
Pathological liars and narcissism. What are the signs to look for?

This is how many people get fooled by compulsive and pathological liars. People assume that lying must stress other people out because it stresses them out. And it makes no sense that anyone could lie so comfortably so they assume that the liar is telling the truth.

4. They often don’t give up on the lie. When most of us get caught red-handed we slum our shoulders in defeat. All that is left to do is say we feel ashamed, say that we are sorry and hopefully get forgiven.

5. They are very likely to dismiss you. They will throw you off in one of two ways. Typically they will label you a hater and cut you out, as Elizabeth Holmes and her boyfriend did when subordinates raised issues.

Or if you are more powerful they will sway your concerns by appealing to some kind of conspiracy against them. When you start hearing “with us” or “against us” ultimatums, be on red alert. It is often the case that someone is trying to con you.