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Make women chase you.

One simple technique to have a woman chasing after you.

I feel like I am always chasing and trying to impress girls.

What am I doing wrong?

The answer: You qualify yourself.

Video by AskToddTV from TomVDating.com

About Qualifying…

Let’s say for example that you are really into country music and there is this girl you are talking to and she is really into rock music. She talks all about it and how much she loves it, and you go like “Yeah, i really like rock music too”, just because you want to have something in common with her, you are seeking rapport with her. She may or may not know that you just did it, but you just qualified yourself. By changing the way you are in order to accommodate.

If you did it once it probably didn’t matter, but if during the entire conversation you just say.. “oh , me too” “oh, me too”, it becomes very obvious that you are just falling into her reality trying to seek rapport with her, so that becomes a form of qualification as well.

Whenever you are changing your behavior to try to impress someone else or trying to change their perception of you, you are qualifying yourself.

How do I flip the script so girls are chasing and investing in me? It is a good idea to know when you are qualifying yourself t and to create the behavior pattern to not do that. In the situation where most guys is to qualify themselves, my first instinct is not to. That is very useful and very good. Game is not a situation where you sin by making the fewest. mistakes, game is a situation when you win by doing most things right, and do them so right your mistakes don’t matter.

The better lesson is the lesson of how to get the girl to qualify herself. Usually in any interaction the person who is qualifying themselves to the other person is the person of lower social value. That just happens organically, but if you get the person to qualify herself too a lot it seems in the interaction that you have higher social value and she has lower social value.

Sh*t tests are attempts that girls do to get you to qualify yourself. When you give a girl a sh*t. test, same kind of thing. Once the girl is qualifying herself to you, there is a lot of good things. She has commitment to you, she is invested in you. Also it gives you a very valid reason for liking her.

How do I qualify a girl if she ignores me?

It is very hard to qualify a girl who is in “I don’t wanna talk to you” mode. You go like.. What’s your name? – I don┬ít give my name to strangers. Weird stuff like that. You can’t qualify a girl who is unwilling to qualify. Open , premise, qualify.

What you are looking for, before asking them explicitly to qualify themselves is to do it organically. You are looking for her to invest in the conversation, flirt back, give you compliments, touch you, those kind of things. You are looking for her to commit and when it goes silent to get invested and the conversation going. You are looking for her to be emotionally reactive to you.