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Apollonia Ponti – Dating & relationship advice for men.

When you come off needy in a relationship, obviously you know it is not good. This is an area of torture. This is an area where you will always push the women away and you will continue to build disappointment after disappointment after disappointment.

You don’t have your own life. Deep down there is an insecurity. There is a lack of confidence when you come off as being emotionally depending on someone or being too needy with a woman.

The way to avoid doing this is start to incorporate things into your life.

Work on your self confidence and work on that deep-down insecurity that you have.

Where does that insecurity come from?

They can be from life evens, from past relationships and childhood beliefs. A limited belief system that you just influence in your head patterns into your mind daily.

Focus on your career. Do things that challenge you.

Read books. One recommended is “Reinventing your life”, an amazing book.

Do you always find yourself overly calling, overly texting? Overly messaging. You come off too available. It comes back to what was already mentoined: Having your OWN life.

Stop putiing women on a pedestal, you should only put yourself on a pedestal.

The only reason why you are too available is because you are giving 200% focus on her when you are dating. You have to focus on YOUR LIFE. You don’t know if that women will be the one for you.

Why would you give the woman 100% of your time and effort to only come off as TOO NEEDY.

This is what happens when you are too available. Go out with friends and don’t put anything on hold just because you are dating somebody new. Women don’t want to be your everything.

We want you to be strong but we also want you to have a life outside us too. – Women

Not only are you going to love us and be with us, and trying to get to know us, but you also have to have a life outside of us too. It is not always about her.It is a partnership when you are dating.

How do you behave around women? What are your interactions like?

Do you come off too available by messaging her and calling her too much. By incorporating her in your schedule all the time and not doing things without her?

Can you be strong and not be too needy and what are the ways that you can change this?

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You are looking for validation on an outside source. Meaning, you are looking for validation outside of you. Nobody in life will validate you unless you validate yourself and believe it. That is the truth.

Do not look for outside validation to either feel better.

What happens is that when you get that validation you feel better for that moment. But then the next day you are going to look for it again and it become this pattern, you come off needy, you come off desperate.

You don’t need any validation from any woman.

If you are not happy, how are you going to make a woman happy?

Being unhappy comes off as being needy as well. And when you become needy you are going to set yourself up for rejection. It’s going to just lower your self esteem overall and it’s going to just be that downhill spiral and you are going to create a deeper loneliness within you because you keep on messing up, you can’t get that woman because you are clutching on to that attachment of someone else. You are idolizing somebody else.

Idolization is not a good source of any force of any type of relationship. What happens is that if once that person that you idolize has something bad to say about you, it takes complete control over you.

Nobody has control over you, but yourself.

Final Tips

  • Communication, text messaging should be like a tennis game. Back & forth, back and forth.
  • Stop idolizing and creating ridiculous expectations and fantasies in your head. It is easy to get lost in fantasies and those expectations are usually unrealistic.
  • Date to yourself. Be comfortable to yourself. Take yourself out to the movies. Get to know who you really are. The moment when you sit in silence are the moments you can really look int o yourself to know what is really going on.
  • Go and do things with your friends.
  • Focus on your goals in life. Focus on your career. Focus on what is going to make you the established man you want to be.
  • The are is no other thing besides confidence than a man going after what he wants in life, that is what truly encourages a woman to go after him.