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The Cure for Women Jerking You Around

Stand for yourself, dude,

By Coach Corey Wayne.

Most guys think that when they don’t get something

By doing this properly, you can be the one who raises her attraction when there are three or four other guys more betetr looking than you.

Women will test you.

Women will try to be evasive

They will try to see ifthey can jerk him around

How compliant you are? How masculine yo are?

How much are you willing to let her waste your time or not.

You are busy.

It is ok to withdraw your offer if she keeps being flaky.

You politely do it in a humorous way.

If you have several people that you are trying to fit in your schedule because you are busy yourself.

Themn you are not going to leave your onlye one or two nights open for her to jerk you around.

You’d rather make plans with someone who is excited and flexible.

It shows that your time is valuable, and as hot as she is you are not going to let this hot girl waste it.

Most of the guys she is talking to are going to let her waste their time.