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Jeffrey from Real Social Dynamics (RSD Jeffy) with another great video explaining the importance of “vibing” with a girl.

This information has been curated from knowledge of years and years ago, and it’s just the truth.

It is a fact that verbal communication comprises only a small fraction of our communications as as whole.

In reality we communicate mostly through non-verbal means.

One part of this are the so-called channels of sub communication.

Vibing is simply a non-goal oriented conversation that’s designed to simply enhance the emotional states of the participants.

Experience is king

The only way for through improve this intelligence and understanding is thru massive repetition of social interaction.

Men with not much experience often mis-calibrate their romantic vibe, which comes out as creepy, weird.

Get out there!

Have you ever stalled at a conversation with a women, not knowing what to say?

Typically this is caused by filters of insecurity in the person’s head. This are filters that get installed over the years as defense mechanisms against ego-bruising.

Examples: Self-monitoring, not existing in the present moment, having the need to impress other people, paranoia, etc.

There are ways to defend against this filters of insecurity taking over your vibe.


Humor is a great way to shake off those filters and make you stay in the moment.

Losen up, make sure your rythm is rythmic, avoid stiff manerisms, put a smirk on your face, look around and see what is cool about your environment “right now”.

Talk to people who you would normally have no interest in talking to, no motivation to approach. Then there is no stakes, it doesn’t matter.

This will get you into a talkative mood where you will be more externally centered and will be picking up better on the vibe.

Many people have a problem vibing, because they simply run out of things to say. This is caused by a lack of experience, on one hand, and an excess of self judgment, filtering their ideas because they have this desperate need to impress the people that they are speaking too as opposed to simply letting go and talk about the things you personally find interesting.


Don’t talk about any one thing too long. Try to smoothly segway from one topic to the next.

Go out and challenge yourself in any conversation to find either a story or an interesting bit of information, an anecdote, etc. and vibe off of that.

People love folks who got something to say.

Every one is bored.

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