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Some day you are going to have to die.

You have the power to wake up from the trance and live life on your terms.

Are you familiar with the blue pill & red pill concept?

Well, which one have you taken?

Are you plugged in the matrix? Are you a slave or a battery to the matrix?

Tyler and Julien teach you your way out of it.

In the matrix people are in a sort of haze, not living their true potential.

Back in cavemen times, how would they act?

So much of life is put on people scripts.

The whole idea of taking the pill when you wake up, it’s kind of a very shocking and darker world than the fairytale you’ve been told.

My life is in my hands, i take responsibility for who I am and discover what I want.

Everyone’s stuck in this victim mentality nowadays, it is the easiest thing to do. You just put responsibility on other people.

Take responsibility for what you can control, and wake up.

When you wake up and take action you are one of the people who are carrying the world. It does get scary to wake up, but it is also a very beautiful thing.

Is life scripted?

Let’s challenge your reality.

There’s things you believe that will make you very happy, but a lot of them area actually very hollow.

At 11:55, RSD Tyler talks about his friend, Canadian rapper, John James who just passed away this weekend, tragically.

A lot of times we live for approval of other people. We live because we want to get to a certain “number”. A number of views, subscribers, etc.

What is an authentic life to you?

For the most part, you are in a matrix.

That matrix is trying to encourage you into . other people’s script.

Make so much money so that compared to other people, you can feel successful. Human beings, we typically don’t analyze absolute wealth, we analyze relative wealth, says Tyler.

Think about it, all of us have more (absolute) wealth than a king or queen from 300 years ago but we have a lot less “relative wealth” because the king or queen had more money than the rest of the town.

One question to ask yourself:

If right now you had all the money in the world, all the wealth in the world, all the status in the world, all the friends in the world.. you have it all. It’s physically impossible to make more.

Would anything change? Or would you start freaking out?

We are always on this rat race, pushing forward but don’t stop to think about…

What am I chasing? What is driving you?

Is it the approval of your parents, your father, your mother. Approval of friends? running from past trauma growing up?

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