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Life Coach

Advice for Men

Jason Capital on another very valuable clip for men.

Which guy are you going to be?

The Universe will forever test you until your last breath.

The world is like a weight room. When you hit the first sets you are feeling it, and then at the time to do the last one you are exhausted.

Am I going to dominate this challenge?

When you manage that tough third set, it is one of the greatest moments.

That is what The Universe is doing for us every day. It is heaving opportunity after opportunity.

Do you want to be a SPECTATOR or a PLAYER?

Always present, always growing, always evolving.

Or are you going to surrender to life?

When you become “the player” and accept the challenges you are fully present every moment. You give everything you have to that moment. Then you forget about it and move on to the next one.

It’s hard, it’s different . And then you grow, and you evolve. You accept it, you grow from it, and pretty soon

Aristotle said, You are what you do.

Almost every male character on movies today is a make pussy.. a low status pussy.
For example, in the movie Crazy Stupid Love with Ryan Gosling.

First half of the movie he is smooth, he does what he wants. Half way thru the movie he changes personalities.

If you watch that movie unconsciously, the lesson is Badass guys who gets a lot of girls at the end ends up unhappy.

If you buy into it subconsciously, you lost in life forever, completely. This will cause you a lot of pain on your future relations with women.

How about in politics?
When all this stuff is going on in politics, do you look at it like you need to take a side?

When you watch this do you feel that you need to pick a side? Or do you ignore the white noise?

A lot of people are afraid, because they live unconsciouly. You don’t live afraid, you live consciously, you are present.

Ask yourself… What can I learn from Trump? What can I NOT learn from Trump?

Social Media, Instagram
How about social media?
Either you are going to use social media on others or they are going to use it on you.
Which one are you doing?
Social Media is a test for you. It’s serving up a platter of distraction for you.
It is a challenge for you as a man to go: Are you going to play the game just like everybody else?

How do you know you are not getting used by it?

When you go to Instagram and you make a post, do you go and check who liked it?
If you aren’t checking to see who liked the pictures, you are losing. It is using you.

You are so concerned about who is validating you, all these mental gymnastics that do nothing but crush your self esteem and shrink you as a man. It is a test.
The universe is in a constant conspiracy to test you.

Are you going to be present with this? Are you going to be indifferent with this? Are you going to grow and appreciate this? Are you going to grow as a man with it ? Or are you going to let it beat you.