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How to be attractive to the opposite sex.

Leo from actualized.org tells you How to be attractive. How to be attractive? Quick Self-Help segment. This is not a little gimmick, it is something deeper.

If you take this principle and apply it to your life, the amount of attraction that you will generate fro the opposite sex will be ridiculous.

I want you to be completely detached from needing anyone to fulfill you in your life.

What does it mean?

You don’t need anyone in your life to make you happy or fulfilled.

If you are not being attractive in a relationship, is because of this mindset that you need somebody to fulfill you.

We get this wrong picture about love from the media and movies, that love is finding somebody else to complete you. That’s not what a healthy relationship is.

You need to be happy and confident and independent by yourself. And so is the other person.

You need to wrap your head around this, especially if you are feeling lonely right now. Stop thinking “if only i was with… ” Your energy will end up repelling instead of attracting others. That is not someone you want, a needy desperate person. You need someone who is equally confident and stable. 

Even if you get “that person”, it’s not actually going to work.