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Even though us guys might grow up with the idea that we must do something and if we don’t get taught that buy our parents, we get taught that by movies at the very least. We grow up to think we should be doing something, and that makes most of us feel inadequate because we haven’t be told hOW to do anything. So what happens is that we go through life seeing women that we are attracted to and not being able to do anything.

That’s a guy’s life.

Some guys approach everybody. Some, but what do you think that is in a percentage. What do you think? – If “this” is all guys, “these many” are running up to women they like. These many¬† will never approach a women.. and the rest of us , we wait for the “right moment”.

And we are not very good at judging when is the right moment and we don’t know what to do when we’ve decided is the right moment, which is why girls constantly experience guys coming up to to them and doing “creepy” stuff.

Girls, it’s not about you making the move, but ut’s about you giving him the light.

Don’t be easy, but in the first five seconds, BE EASY.