RSD Tyler - Dealing with betrayal

How to deal with betrayal? (Friendships, work, relationships, etc)

Become a better you Tyler from Real Social Dynamics (RSD) walks the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina talking about the darkside of human nature. How do we acknowledge…

Getting rejected by an attractive woman

Bill Burr gives advice on attractive women

Dating Comedian Bill Burr reads a listener’s letter about getting rejected by an attractive woman. Clip from the Monday Morning Thursday Afternoon podcast, Bill Burr gives advice to…

Waiter steals date from guy

Waiter steals girl from guy during date

A ballsy waiter realized how their date was not going well and stepped in, ending up with the girl.

How to lose a woman who is into you

How to lose a girl in one step

There is a lot we can learn form this simple screenshot. Many of us men are losing potential hookups and girlfriends when they are clearly into us. The…

How to pursue women?

How men should pursue women

Coach Corey Wayne on another video coaching newsletter. How should men pursue women? Coach Corey Wayne analyzes three different real-life cases about men & women relationships: Guy admits…

The Art of Texting

The Art of Texting

Coach Corey Wayne on his video coaching newsletter. Coach Corey Wayne reads a couple of emails relating to texting women. First of all, it is important to read…

Patrice O'Neal's wisdom

Patrice O’Neal’s Amazing Advice on Women

A happy man it’s a happy relationship, a happy woman it’s a miserable man. A good relationship is always one where a woman is a little bit insecure….

Patrice O'Neal with Marc Maron

Women Are Just Wrong (Patrice O’Neal)

The great Patrice O’Neal on an open honest talk with Marc Maron. Patrice O’Neal shares his wisdom and philosophy about women, and why they are wrong. Great analogies…

3% Man Book Review

The 3% Man book review (Part 1/3)

Understanding women is something most men would like to grasp. Book summary about The 3% Man, a very powerful book by Coach Corey Wayne. Review by Personal Power…

Needy Mistakes Men Make

10 Common Needy Mistakes Men Make with Women

Weve all made ths mistakes from one time to another. If you are not doing these “needy mistakes” all the times you will end up redeeming yourself right…